Anxiety affects over 260 million people worldwide (WHO, 2017) and is the most common reason people seek therapy. The term anxiety covers a wide range of symptoms and types of anxiety from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Anxiety is a reaction to fear or worry that all humans have but for some people it can feel like they are unable to switch it off, it begins to interfere with all aspects of their life from sleep to work and how they interact with other people.

Depending on what type of anxiety you have, you can experience any number of different symptoms such as restlessness, sleep issues, intrusive thoughts, palpitations, repetitive behaviour, shortness of breath, trembling, sweating.  

Anxiety can be related underlying medical problems, trauma, childhood experiences, stress and other mental health disorders such as depression.  It is not something to be ashamed of, I myself have anxiety issues relating to my fibromyalgia, it is more common than you think.

During sessions you will learn how your brain and body react and the tools that will help you to reduce the symptoms.  I work by exploring your past thoughts, feelings or events that may have triggered your anxious behaviours, we will then figure out what are your best coping mechanisms and which ones may be holding you back.  This may include writing thought/feeling records, mindfulness, breathing and grounding techniques.  I may recommend visiting your GP to see if there is any medical help you may need.  

What I won’t offer you is a cure for your anxiety, there is no cure as anxiety is hard-wired into our systems.  What therapy aims to do is reduce the symptoms, understand the cause and give you the tools to manage your everyday life.  For this to work, the key is consistency, you need to do the work even when you feel okay.  Repeating the new ways of coping will eventually undo the old unhelpful habits and your brain and body will learn to react in a more measured way.

Types of Anxiety I work with

Health anxiety

General anxiety disorder



Social anxiety

Panic disorder