Online Therapy

Email, Video calling, VoIP and chat

As confidentiality and your privacy is important to me I only use secure platforms for online communications.
For email I use ProtonMail which a free secure email provider.  If you don’t already have an encrypted email provider, I recommend that you create an account to use when contacting me as we will be discussing your personal and confidential information.
For video calling, chat and VoIP I use a range of platforms that are download/free for you to use on any laptop or mobile device.  These are ProblemsharedVsee and Zoom.  These are all secure platforms, Problemshared and Vsee are used by mental health professionals around the world and are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
Please make sure you read all their terms and conditions before signing up and keep your passwords in a safe place.
At your appointment time I will call you or invite you on the app of your choice to join our session.