Self love and self care are important to your wellbeing, yet only you can give yourself these gifts. So whether you are in a relationship or not, here are 5 ways to show yourself how much you care

  • Give yourself a safe space to be you
    Do you have a space where you can express yourself? It can be your room, a quiet spot outside, a journal or even a happy place in your mind. Giving yourself the space from other people and allow yourself to do things you enjoy helps you get in touch with what you think and feel and not what is expected or forced upon you. Creativity is a great way to find yourself so cook, sing, dance, draw, knit, crochet, create a sculpture! This might be difficult if you surround yourself constantly to escape yourself, so start with small amounts of time.

  • Acknowledge and accept your feelings
    All of them. The “good”, the “bad” and everything in-between. Write them down and accept that as a human being we have a wide range of emotions. You are allowed to be happy, sad, calm, angry, confused and enlightened. We are complex, created by our experiences, in understanding where our emotions come from we are able to listen more clearly to who we are. To love yourself you have to accept that you as a Messy Human are enough.

  • Notice your body and when you need to eat, drink, move and rest
    Yep everyone keeps going on about it but loving yourself means Inside and Out. Listening to ourselves isn’t just about thoughts and emotions, to be our best selves we need to make sure all our needs are met, that includes the physical too. So eat well, exercise when you can and get the rest you need.

  • Take time out from social media
    Sometimes with the world at our fingertips we can get overwhelmed by what society thinks is the perfect life, body, relationship. Our relationships can influence what we think is ‘right’, all too easily we can get lost in what other people think, by taking time away away from other people’s projections of “normal” it can help you listen to what positively influences your true self

  • Write a positive list about yourself
    Do you have lots of negative thoughts about yourself? Perhaps you don’t have the support you need and hear lots of negative things from other people. Be your own support. Write a list of positive things about yourself and keep it close. When you hear a negative thought or comment, swap it for a positive one on your list. If you feel secure you are more able to react positively to negative and stressful situations.

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